Statement Aqua Aura Necklace

Statement Aqua Aura Necklace

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This necklace features an Aqua Aura Point strung on an oxidized copper chain. 

Health Benefits of Copper Jewelry

  • assists in energy production
  • assists in wound healing
  • boosts the immune system
  • helps absorb iron, which oxygenizes blood and helps prevent anemia
  • assists in opening the flow of blocked energy (chi) in the body

If you select shiny copper please note, copper tarnishes naturally. In order to keep shiny, I seal before shipment. All metal jewelry requires routine cleaning. Do not wear in water. Shine with white vinegar mix with water. 

Worried about your skin turning green? This does not happen to everyone, but skin turning green is a natural thing when copper reacts to your body's acidity. Overtime, your skin will return to normal if this happens to you with constant wear. Wearing copper jewelry is a good indicator of acidic levels in your body and dehydration.  

More information about skin turning green here;